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WMO-169-WMB – 169 MHz wall mount omni antenna

The WMO-169-WMB is a 169 MHz wall mount omni antenna ideally suited for access applications in the 169 MHz metering frequency band

The WMO-169-WMB is a 169 MHz wall mount omni antenna with a fibreglass sheath mounted onto a compact L-bracket for wall-mounting. Approximately 480mm in length, the antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector and is mounted securely onto the bracket and the bracket is affixed to the wall. The VSWR of the antenna at 169 MHz is better than 1.2:1 and offers 2 dBi gain at centre frequency.

The WMO-169-WMB should be a fed by a jumper cable which can be customised to the appropriate length.


Frequency: 169 MHz
VSWR: <1.2:1
Polarisation: Vertical
Input Power: 20W
Gain: 2 dBi
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Antenna Length: 480mm

Sheath Material: Fibreglass
Bracket Material: Stainless Steel
RF connector: N-Female

For a 169 MHz terminal antenna, you could consider the H169-SMA antenna.

Small quantities of the WMO-169-SMA can be ordered via the Connex webshop.