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VLP4 – UHF multiband roof mount antenna

The VLP4-4526 is a UHF multiband roof mount antenna covering the 450-470 and the 700-2700 MHz bands for either LTE or UHF and LTE applications

The VLP4-4526 is a UHF multiband roof mount antenna from EAD is a low profile solution for vehicles and transit deployments. Especially in height critical applications, the VLP4 platform offers both UHF and 4G/LTE functionality under a durable ABS radome.

The antenna is fed by low loss cable underneath and this model supports 450-470 MHz (for UHF radios or LTE 450 radios) as well as a full 690-2690 MHz for 4G/LTE multiband frequencies.

When mounted onto a metal roof or suitable flat metal surface, the VLP4 offers approximately 2 dBi gain on the 450 MHz band and 2-4 dBi on the 4G/LTE frequency bands.

To configure the VLP4 for other applications, please use the EAD antenna configurator.

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