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WVV-4W – 4-Way LTE Power Divider SMA

The WVVV is a compact 4-Way LTE Power Divider SMA designed to split signals across the 700-2700 MHz LTE and 4G frequency bands

The WVV-4W is a 4-Way LTE Power Divider SMA operating across the 700-2700 MHz frequency band for 4G multi-band applications. It is a compact unit measuring just 84x82x15mm it is supplied with SMA-Female connectors to facilitate easy connection to standard 4G/LTE connectors.

It has low insertion loss and good VSWR performance.

A 2-Way version of this power splitter is also available.

For more information, availability and pricing, please contact us. European customers can purchase small quantities of this power divider via the Connex webshop. Other RF products are also available for purchase at the Connex webshop, click here for more details.