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M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP – UFL to SMA bulkhead jack adapter cable

The M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP is a UFL to SMA bulkhead jack adapter cable suitable for connecting SMA external antennas to U.FL modules inside terminals

The M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP from EAD is a UFL to SMA bulkhead jack adapter cable that can allow a U.FL radio module to connect to a SMA-Male external antenna. For example, the WTR7270 antenna can be mounted on a 4G terminal using this adapter cable. For convenience, customers can customise the cable lengths for the M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP, however standard lengths at 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.

It is possible to also modify the cable to specify a bulkhead connector with O-Ring for watertight panel-mounting.

Due to the diameter and electrical properties of the 1.13mm coaxial cable for the U.FL to SMA bulkhead jack adapter cable, we do not recommend long cable runs due to the excessive losses and attenuation incurred.

You can purchase the M2MAC-UF-10-SFP version via the Connex webshop.