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RF240 – 6mm diameter low loss cable

RF240 coaxial cable is 6mm diameter low loss cable suitable for cellular antenna applications with cable runs up to 15-20M

RF240 coaxial cable is a 6mm diameter low loss cable suitable to operate as a jumper cable for outdoor wireless antennas. With excellent RF properties in a small diameter sheath, RF240 cable lends itself well to cable runs up to 15-20M for cellular applications.

With an outer diameter of 6.30mm, it is still pretty flexible. It has excellent RF performance with good attentuation figures across the bands up to 3 GHz. The RF240 is an equivalent to LMR240 cable, but a more cost effective alternative. We can offer this cable pre-terminated with SMA, N-Type, TNC  and other RF connectors as required. As we assemble these cables in-house we can quickly accommodate customer requests for specific lengths or connector types.  RF240 complements EAD antennas such as the FGO and LMO antenna or Sirio antennas such as the SMP-4G-LTE or SMP-MIMO.

For a slightly smaller diameter cable and cable runs up to 10M, take a look at BWL195.

For a slightly thicker cable and even better RF properties, take a look at RF400.