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UHF4G – 4G multiband marine omni antenna

The UHF4G antenna is a quality 4G multiband marine omni antenna designed to mount with either a deck pole or rail mount for 4G marine applications

The Scan UHF4G is a robust 4G multiband marine omni antenna designed for marine applications. With 3 dB gain, the UHF4G offers performance coupled with a high quality build to provide reliable operation in marine environments.

The antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector and is supplied with a revolving nut that enables the antenna to mate to standard 1″ 11 marine mounts including deck, rail and mast mounts

Covering 800 to 2700 MHz frequencies, the UHF4G addresses European 4G frequencies as well as 3G and GSM bands.

For a 3G GSM deck mount marine antenna, you could consider the Cell918 Mariner.

You can purchase the UHF4G via the Connex webshop.