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TRA-LTE – 4G LTE feed through antenna

The TRA-LTE is a 4G LTE feed through antenna designed for captive mount applications where the antenna should be easily unscrewed from the terminal

The TRA-LTE from Smarteq is a 4G LTE feed through antenna otherwise known as  captive mount antenna. Supporting 4G and LTE frequencies, you can mount this antenna by way of a 16mm hole in an enclosure. It is a rubber antenna with a slim design however this form factor does not detract from the TRA-LTE’s effectiveness.

The installation of this antenna is very straightfoward. Simply push the base of the antenna through the hole in a metal or non-metal cabinet and connect the antenna to the radio via the coaxial connector. The peak gain of the antenna is 3 dbi across the lower bands and higher across the upper bands.

The TRA-LTE antenna is well suited to metering, vending and industrial wireless systems using 3G and 4G services.

For a SMA mount terminal antenna for 4G LTE, please consider our WTR7270 antenna.