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SMP-MIMO – 4G MIMO directional panel antenna

The SMP-MIMO is a 4G MIMO directional panel antenna suitable for outdoor pole or wall mounting to access 4G and LTE services.

The SMP-MIMO antenna is a 4G MIMO directional panel antenna designed for 4G/3G access to complement 4G routers that have dual antenna ports.

With 5 dBi gain on the low band (790-960 MHz) and 8 dBi gain on the high bands (1710-2700 MHz, the antenna offers an excellent size vs. performance ratio. Measuring just 154 x 134 x 46mm, the SMP-MIMO is unrivalled in terms of size making a very discrete solution for broadband access and other services using 4G, 3G and GSM networks,

The SMP-MIMO can be wall-mounted or pole-mount and is supplied with pole-mount clamps.

For small quantities, the SMP-MIMO antenna can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

A single port SMP directional panel antenna, the SMP-4G-LTE, is also available. Also check out our LMO7270 antenna for LTE MIMO omni antenna.