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SmartDisc – 4G multiband puck antenna

The SmartDisc is a 4G multiband puck antenna suitable for outdoor permanent or tape mounting onto terminals, kiosks, cabinets and other metal enclosures

The SmartDisc is a 4G multiband puck antenna designed for either screw-mounting (permanent mount) or tape (adhesive) mounting onto enclosures, terminals, cabinets and kiosks. Ideally to be mounted onto a metal surface, the SmartDisc antenna offers impressive performance in a small form factor radome. It is a rugged, durable, low profile 4G/3G/GSM antenna ideal for telemetry, metering, vending,security and heavy vehicle applications. It is perfect to use where a discreet antenna is required.

For a high-performance alternative, you could consider the AllDisc antenna.

For small quantities, the SmartDisc can be ordered via the Connex webshop. For larger quantities, please contact us for a customised quotation.