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SPH – wideband GSM 3G directional antenna

The SPH from Sirio is a wideband GSM 3G directional antenna designed for high gain access to networks including some GSM 3G 4G and WLAN frequencies

The SPH from Sirio is an extremely wideband GSM 3G directional antenna also supporting some 4G and WLAN frequenices. Ideal for 3G and EURO LTE (2500-2700 MHz) applications as a high gain access antenna, the SPH offers 3G/LTE users exceptional gain in a compact and discrete radome. Across the 3G and LTE bands, the gain figure is between 9.5 and 11 dBi.

In fact, the SPH is suitable for all systems between 1.5 and 6 GHz including GSM 1800 MHz, DCS 1900 MHz, DECT, 3G/UMTS, WLAN and WIMAX. The radome is UV-Stabilised for long term outdoor deployment. The SPH has gain figures ranging from 9 dBi at 1500 MHz to 17 dBi at 6 GHz.

It is supplied with an adjustable aluminium bracket for flexible mounting options and is terminated in a SMA-Female Jack connector. It is suitable for use along with RF240 and RF400 jumper cables.

For a more compact directional antenna, please consider the SMP-4G-LTE.