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SmartBlade – 4G LTE multiband blade antenna

The SmartBlade is a 4G LTE multiband blade antenna suitable for in-vehicle and non-metal surface mount offering a discreet blade antenna solution

The Smarteq SmartBlade is a 4G LTE multiband blade antenna based on a slim and discreet design. It is to be mounted onto non-metal surfaces such as glass, ABS etc. by way of an adhesive strip.

The SmartBlade offers a peak gain of 3 dBi in the higher bands and 1.5 dBi gain in the lower bands, a VSWR of better than 2.5:1 across the bands and efficiency of more than 55%. Measuring just 114 x 24x 4.4mm including the adhesive pad, the SmartBlade is compact and functional for a variety of applications including in-vehicle, kiosk, vending and metering.

For a puck style antenna for 4G/LTE, you could consider the SmartDisc antenna.