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Trooper – LTE MIMO WIFI GNSS puck antenna

The Trooper GLHPDLTEMIMO-LT is a multiband LTE MIMO WIFI GNSS puck antenna suitable for vehicle roof mount for a variety of telematics applications

The Trooper GLHPDLTEMIMO is a LTE MIMO WIFI GNSS puck antenna designed for vehicle roof mounting applications. It offers 2 x  4G LTE , 2 x  802.11ac for WiFi coverage. It also incorporates PCTEL’s unique high rejection GPS/GLONASS technology in a single, low-profile housing.

The Trooper’s compact footprint makes it an excellent choice for installation on metal surfaces with limited surface space. Suitable deployments include emergency service vehicles and many telematics-based machine-to-machine applications.

Once mounted correctly your installation of the Trooper antenna will offer IP67 rated ingress protection as a result making it suitable for long-term outdoor deployment.

The range includes a number of configuration options – see the datasheet for more information.

For a heavy-duty MIMO LTE + GNSS antenna, you could consider the Rhino antenna.