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Rhino – LTE GNSS heavy duty mobile antenna

The Rhino HDGLDLTE-FF antenna is a MIMO LTE GNSS heavy duty mobile antenna with high rejection GNSS technology for vehicle roof mounting

The PCTEL Rhino HDGLDLTE-LFF is a MIMO LTE GNSS heavy duty mobile antenna incorporating PCTEL’s high-rejection GNSS technology and is suitable for vehicle roof-mounting.

The Rhino’s polycarbonate glass reinforced housing and heavy-duty metal base plate make this antenna extremely robust and an excellent choice for heavy equipment deployments susceptible to shock and vibration, including mining, agriculture, construction and defence vehicles.

The Rhino is constructed upon an IP67 compliant design once mounted correctly and is terminated with RF240 low loss cables for optimum RF performance.

For all GNSS frequencies, the Rhino antenna incorporates proprietary filtering technology that facilitates wideband coverage enabling superior out-of-band rejection.

For antenna with added WiFi capabilities, you could consider the PCTEL Trooper antenna.