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8178D – GPS GLONASS time sync antenna

The PCTEL 8178D is a GPS GLONASS time sync antenna is a high gain conical antenna design with superior out of band rejection technology

The 8178D from PCTEL is a GPS GLONASS time sync antenna offering dual band frequency support for GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 frequencies. It has compact, conical form factor that can aid run-off and also minimise perching. The 8178D is suitable for any global GPS GLONASS time synchronisation application that requires an externally  mounted antenna

The 8178D has a built in LNA (low noise amplifier) and offers an effective gain of 40 dB. The antenna is terminated with TNC-Female connector and has a couple of options for pipe mounting. Please contact SAS for the mounting options for this antenna.

As alternative GPS GLONASS timing reference antenna, you could consider the GNSS1-TMG antenna.