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3910D – Very low noise GPS antenna

The 3910D from PCTEL is a very low noise GPS antenna ideal for any GPS applications that might be deployed in a poor signal reception area

The 3910D from PCTEL is a very low noise GPS antenna has one of the industry’s lowest noise figures. It features ESD circuit protection, an innovative very low noise LNA and a high rejection SAW filter. It also features a precisely tuned custom ceramic patch element that minimizes detuning effects caused by adjacent objects.

The 3910D is ideal for Fleet Management, Asset Tracking and Precision Agriculture as well any application
with poor signal reception area. The 3910D provides consistent, clear GPS signal reception while minimizing loss-of-lock in high-RF fields. Housed in a weatherproof magnetic or screw mount enclosure, the 3910D GPS antenna is ideal for demanding vehicle mounted GPS applications.

• Low noise: 0.5 dB
• Low current: 8mA
• Superior out-of-band rejection
• Wide voltage input range (2.7 – 5 VDC)
• Robust IP67 housing built for various weather conditions

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