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HUSH – Covert WIFI blade antenna

The Hush WV-COVWIFI is a covert WIFI blade antenna that can be installed inside and outside a vehicle for WiFI and WLAN applications

The HUSH WV-COVWIFI from PCTEL is a covert WIFI blade antenna covering a bandwidth of 2.3-2.5 GHz and is an ideal solution for telematics systems requiring WiFi communications via a discreet and low profile antenna.

The antenna is overmoulded and IP67 rated so can be installed inside or outside a vehicle on a non-metal surface for maximum flexibility of placement. As standard it is supplied with an approximate 1M of RG316 cable and a RP-SMA connector. Other connector options are available on request.

Measuring just 57.1 x 19 x 4.4 mm, the antenna is housed in a black thermoplastic overmould and offers a nominal gain of 2.5 dBi across the bandwidth.