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WCO-433-WMB – 433 MHz compact outdoor wall mount antenna

The WCO-433-WMB is a 433 MHz compact outdoor wall mount antenna designed to offer access to ISM band 433 MHz applications

The WCO-433-WMB is a 433 MHz compact outdoor wall mount antenna based on a durable 1/4 Wave 433 MHz antenna designed for outdoor deployments. It is supplied as a wall-mount option and mounted on a sturdy L-Bracket which functions as the groundplane for the antenna. It is possible to use the WCO-433 antenna to mount directly onto an enclosure, please contact EAD for this type of application.

Housed in the robust, waterproof, UV-resistant and flame retardent WCO Sheath, the antenna mounts onto a the L-bracket by way of  N-Female connector and is held in place with a nut and washer. The construction of this antenna is very durable and also very compact making it ideal for outdoor deployments for a variety of ISM-band applications including security and telemetry applications.

A jumper cable with N-Male should be used to connect the WCO-433 to the radio.

This antenna design can be customised to different frequencies in the 380-512 MHz band including TETRA 380-400 MHz, 410-430 MHz or 450 MHz.

For a 433 MHz stub antenna, you could consider the Stub-433 antenna.

In small quantities the WCO-433-WMB can be purchased via the Connex webshop.