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UHF43 – 433 MHz marine omni antenna

The UHF43 is a 433 MHz marine omni antenna designed specifically for marine applications to mate with rail, mast and deck mounting hardward

The UHF43 is 433 MHz marine omni antenna designed for marine applications and can be mast, rail or deck mounted depending on the optional mount fixture selected.

Fabricated from heavy duty Fibreglass and chrome-plated brass, the UHF43 offers 3 dB gain with a bandwidth of 5 % from the centre frequency of 433 MHz.

Terminated in a N-Female connector, the antenna is compatible with standard marine mounting accessories by way of a revolving nut kit (sold separately). This antenna is ideal for marine applications using the 433 MHz ISM frequency band. The UHF43 is approximately 1130mm in length.

Other VHF and UHF variations of this antenna are possible. Please contact SAS for more details.

A 4G version of this antenna is the UHF4G.

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