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High Gain LTE MIMO Yagi

The LTE MIMO Yagi is a high gain directional yagi antenna covering 800-2700 MHz. Compromised of two 56 element yagi antennas with an option L-Mast mount pole, this antenna offers a reliable, outdoor, high gain solution to access 4G/LTE networks.

Ideal for access applications where the network signal is weak, the high gain yagi antenna offers up to 11.5 dBi gain. Supplied with mounting clamps and dual 10M low cables terminated in SMA-Male, this new antenna offers a flexible solution to complement 4G and LTE routers.

The LTE MIMO Yagi can be ordered via the Connex webshop.

Other 4G/LTE MIMO Antennas that are interesting include the SMP-MIMO and the LMO7270.

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