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4 outdoor antennas for 4G LTE access

4 outdoor antennas for 4G LTE access

We focus here on 4 outdoor antennas for 4G LTE access offering robust performance and build quality.

For 4G/LTE access applications, users typically need two things from an antenna. Reliable RF performance and long-lasting build quality. The four antennas that we present today meet these two requirements. We have suggested two SISO (single antenna port) antennas and two MIMO (two antenna element) antennas. The type you require will depend on your router, terminal, modem or access point and whether it has one or two LTE antenna ports/connectors.

Starting with the SISO (single antenna port) antennas, we have two excellent options. For an omni-directional antenna, we would recommend the HGO-4G-LTE antenna and for the directional antenna we would suggest the SMP-4G-LTE antenna. Both antennas are high gain antennas in their class. The HGO-4G-LTE offers 5-6 dBi gain across the bands in a blade style form factor and is omni-directional which means it radiates all directionals. The SMP-4G-LTE is directional and radiates in one direction and offers higher gain of 7-9 dBi gain in a very compact form factor. Both antennas are manufactured by Sirio and stock by Specialist Antennas in the UK. Both these antennas can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

We have two options for the MIMO (dual antenna port) antennas. The LMO7270 from EAD is a dual polarised outdoor omni-directional antenna offer a combination of a compact footprint with robust performance. It can be wall or pole (or indeed non-metal enclosure mounted) and is suitable for both outdoor and leisure marine applications. The SMP-MIMO from Sirio is a directional antenna similar to the SISO version, but this one has two antenna elements. With a gain of 5-8 dBi, the SMP-MIMO offers great functionality in a compact package. The LMO7270 and the SMP-MIMO can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

For more information on these 4 outdoor antennas for 4G LTE access, feel free to download the product specifications from our website or contact us for any further requests.

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