Specialist Antenna Solutions
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About Us

Specialist Antenna Solutions (SAS) is a focused distributor of professional antenna products, RF cables and RF accessories. World-leading antenna suppliers such as Sirio, PCTEL, Smarteq, Laird, Scan work with SAS. Together we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions from 100 MHz to 6 GHz.

We have access to a toolbox of over 6000 standard products. These range across VHF, UHF, Cellular, WiFi and GNSS frequency bands. We tend to hold stock of the most popular products. We have regular consignments from all our suppliers mean therefore even if we do not have the product in stock, the lead time should not be too long.

We typically distribute our portfolio of products to customers in the UK and Europe. Occasionally we do supply outside of the European region. If you are located outside of Europe, please contact us.

Specialist Antenna Solutions is a trading name of EAD (Embedded Antenna Design Ltd). EAD  is an innovative and creative company that designs and supply of multiband antenna solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

SAS uses EAD’s assembly capabilities to deliver customised RF coaxial cables and low loss cables to complement our antenna offering. We can custom-build the required cables rapidly and ship them together with our antennas.


We are based on the Buckingham Industrial Park in Buckingham, approximately 60 miles North-West of London.

Prospective suppliers

If you wish SAS to distribute your market-leading RF products, then please e-mail us at info@ead-ltd.com and we’ll take time to considered your offering.