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World-class antenna products for commercial, industrial, blue-light and military applications covering VHF, UHF, TETRA, LTE, 4G, GPS and WLAN frequencies and beyond.


Welcome to Specialist Antenna Solutions

Specialist Antenna Solutions (SAS) is a UK-based distributor of world-class antenna products, standard and custom RF coaxial cables and associated RF accessories. Our suppliers are market leading manufacturers in their field and include Sirio, PCTEL, Smarteq, LairdScan and EAD.

We have a portfolio of over 6000 wireless products to address your connectivity requirements and  provide sales and support in sourcing the correct antenna, RF coaxial cable and RF accessory for your deployment.

Our products are deployed in commercial, industrial, operator, military and emergency service applications using VHF, UHF, TETRA, LTE, 4G, GPS and WLAN frequencies and beyond.

We also assemble a wide rage of RF cabling to order in-house, including custom-terminated low loss cables and a wide variety of pigtail/adapter cables, to complement our antenna catalogue.

A further range of internal and external portfolio antennas and wireless products are available from our sister operation Embedded Antenna Design Ltd (EAD) covering IoT, M2M, telemetry, telematics and wireless monitoring applications from 169 MHz to 6 GHz.

For customers in the UK and Europe, online purchases of the most popular configurations and products can be made via our sister company Connex Technologies. For customers outside of the UK and Europe, please contact us for pricing and shipping cost estimates.